Research Project List

2.5/10 Gigabit Bit/s Clock Data Recovery Circuit Techniques for Optical Communications

3.8 Gs/s ADC with on-chip PLL for software radio  

10Gb/s Clock and Data Recovery System for SONET OC-192 Standard

500 MHz IF digitizer for software defined radio with digital calibration

A CMOS RF RMS Detector for Built-in Testing of Wireless Transceivers

A Low-Power High Dynamic-Range Broadband VGA for UWB Receiver

A 3.1 10.6GHz, 11 Band, OFDM based Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Receiver in 0.25mm SiGe BiCMOS

Capacitor-less Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Fast Transient Response

Design of an RFID/Zigbee Network for Blind Navigation

 Development and Implementation of Built-In Testing Techniques for Analog and RF Integrated Circuits
 High Frequency and High Dynamic Range Integrated Continuous-Time Filters
 High-Speed Adaptive Equalizers for Serial Communication Systems
 Low Power CMOS DTV Tuner Design
 Low-Power, Programmable, Low Dropout Regulator for Portable Applications
 A Low Power 350MHz, 24dB Programmable Boost Filter for Read Channel Applications
 SC Oscillator with Improved Linearity
 Wide-band high-resolution SD A/D converter
 Class D Audio Amplifier With Sliding Mode Control
 Extremely Low Voltage Rail-to-Rail Operation for an Operational Amplifier with a Single PMOS Input Differential Pair
 A Low-Voltage, Low-Power, High Sampling/Resolution Switched-Capacitor Pipeline ADC
A Frequency Synthesizer for Wireless LAN 802.11a and 802.11b Multi-Standard Transceiver